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greenmeadowes's Journal

It's not Doris.

[appearance] Dorcas is one “rough ‘n’ tough lady”. She’s got medium-length, wavy, brown hair that she doesn’t bother to brush, a very angular face, and plain, run of the mill brown eyes. Her over all appearance is normal. She’s 5’4”, not skinny but not fat, not drop-dead gorgeous but not ugly as sin, and has no fashion sense whatsoever. She pretty much wears whatever happens to be on her floor that day, be it hers or not.

[history] Dorcas’ father was a Muggle and her mother was a pureblooded witch from a not-so-prominent (poor) wizarding family. Her mother’s family was a rarity in the wizarding world for instead of disallowing any contact with Muggles they encouraged the spread of the wizarding gene and were delighted to hear of their daughter’s engagement to a “nice, Muggle barrister”. Nine months to the day after the wedding of the witch and the lawyer Dorcas was born into a small, middle class (poor but comfortable) family.

Dorcas’ father lost all his hair when she turned five. This was not blamed on family genetics as most family friends of the Meadowes knew the real reason was his hellion of a daughter. After many unsuccessful years of “lady” training the two frazzled parents finally gave up and let her sit with her legs uncrossed at the table. They turned their attention to their son Atticus, a kindhearted but unfortunately magically challenged, not to mention sickly, young boy.

Dorcas excelled in Muggle primary school and was delighted to receive her letter from Hogwarts. Her father was delighted to learn that Hogwarts was a boarding school. When she was sorted into Gryffindor it came as no surprise to her mother who tended many scraped knees and bee stings from Dorcas’ many tangos with tall, not-so-climbable trees and angry insects.

During Dorcas’ second year her little beloved brother Atticus caught pneumonia and died. Her parents, having grieved heavily for their loss, turned their attention completely to Dorcas and do their best to encourage and nurture her in every which they can.

[personality] Dorcas, first and foremost, does and says whatever the hell she wants. She can’t stand snobby little rich kids like the Blacks whom in her eyes have everything so therefore have nothing to complain about. She’s out-going, hardly shy, and doesn’t like to limit her friends to just fellow Gryffindors (although she detests Slytherins, as a rule of course).

Dorcas is also completely random, but not as ‘out there’ as the Lovegoods. At times it seems that her mouth can’t keep up with her brain. She’s a clever witch, not book smart, but clever. Either way she’s gotten herself through seven years at Hogwarts and is now looking into a teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts. She looks forward to recieving a teaching license.

[[Credit @ scatteredintime for the banner; icons are not mine but have been found randomly through livejournal. I don't own Dorcas Meadowes, she is JKR's property, and I don't own Sandra Bullock. Hopefully she owns herself, though I'm pretty sure her manager has that bit covered.]]